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    Eat more fruit and vegetables, good for you and good for our planet.


    The Happy Planet Project animation is a one minute, public service animation, promoting healthy eating and suggesting people consider where their burger really comes from.


    It was created as a direct response to the continuing destruction of the rainforest for beef production and the public’s increasing reliance on fast food, leading to major health problems.


    The public's reliance on fast food is encouraged by the vast amounts of money invested in promoting the fast food industry while there is little or none invested in the promotion of healthy eating. This is a particular concern for young children who are more vulnerable to the influence of advertising and are also the target of such campaigns. It's time to combat this by promoting healthy and environmentally responsible eating.


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    For each pound of beef produced, 200 square feet of rainforest is destroyed.

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    Approximately 1/5 of the Amazon rainforest has been destroyed in the past 3 years for beef production. Most of this beef is used to produce fast food.

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    An alarming 19% of UAE residents suffer from diabetes directly related to unhealthy food consumption.

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    The obesity rate in the UAE is double that of the rest of the world and is on the rise.

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    Donna Don is an Australian indie filmmaker, based in Dubai. She has, at one time studied at Armidale University, University of NSW, Manhattan Film Academy, Metro Screen, AFTRs and SAE Institute.


    Her first production was Hello Dubai, a documentary challenging negative Western assumptions about the Middle East, which screened in New Zealand’s Date Palm Film Festival in 2006.


    Her experimental film Homework exploring domesticity and race, screened at Cannes Film Festival in 2010.


    Her documentary Women with a Movie Camera, which investigates the very low presence of females behind the camera was featured by Melissa Silverstein on Indiewire.


    Donna's work covers all genres including music videos, documentary, short films and now animation.


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